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SecureCode v3 is a new native VCL protection designed for Delphi (supported version 5,6,7,2005,2006,2007,2009,2010,XE) based on dynamic code encryption technology to prevent static code analysis. Basically, our solution prevents and protect the run of some code fragments in the protected program, without a correct key none protected portions cannot be executed.

For example, if you want to disable some functions (as license validation or print, preview) of your trial version, just need to select these functions and encrypt or extract with SecureCode. After registration, the protected parts will be decoded using via your key and executed.

SecureCode v3 prevents against file dumping from memory, in fact, after the block code is executed, each block memory is secured again. Our solution doe not perform any compression to not affect and decrease your program performance speed and memory consuming.

What's new on SecureCode v3.0?
Because the reversing process can require debugger to trace each instruction and to access to memory address (such as certain of variable), SecureCode contains some antitracer instructions to block and prevent code analysis from memory. Also get antidebugger function inside your code to customize actions.
Code Encryption using AES 256bit secure some parts of your program code and prevents against static analysis. SecureCode can encrypt and extract protected parts. To be effective the key must be load dynamically at runtime, for example when user enter valid license. Now each block code can be secure individually.
Extract your code fragment from your application and load it dynamically. This unique feature prevents against crack of your trial version, without code it's impossible to enable locked functions. Get a huge possibilities of customization, for example download the file via the Internet or associate to specific machine id.
Digital Watermarking add invisible information inside the executable file in a way to identify the specific owner of an individual copy and to trace the flow of unauthorized copies. SecureCode encrypt watermarked data, so even if discovered it is unreadable.
File integrity protection allow to detect changes and corruption in your application. SecureCode use secure digital hashes (192bit) to control executable file at runtime, this technique unable attacker to modify the file with patches.
Compare Editions Standard Professional Enterprise
Antidebugger Protection X X X
File Integrity Protection X X X
Block Code AES Encryption X X X
Block Code Extraction X X
Support and maintenance (1year) X X X
Digital Watermarking process X X
Premium support with remote control X
Command line tools to automate process X
119.95 EUR 239.95 EUR 799.95 EUR

You can protect and distribute an unlimited protected software with our solution, it is royalty-free. Try now with our free evaluation version, please go to Download Center

Screen Captures

SecureCode Manager v3

SecureCode v3 - Protection settings

Details done inside the executable

Example of usage with Delphi sample

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